On the last day of our dashboard week we got an excel file about US museums. The data contained location, category, income, revenue information just to mention the most interesting ones.

Preparing the data

I decided to enrich the data with a few more datasets. It was a quite straight forward process. The time consuming part was to find the data on the web. I used Alteryx to join in US states population data, US state names and museum discipline names. Below is my workflow.


My visualization

I put the museum locations on the map and colored them by discipline and sized by revenue, so the more prominent ones would pop out from the crowd. I created a url action for each location, so when the user click on a location it opens a the museum’s website in a web browser. On the left I show a list of states ordered by the number of museums they have and another column with the amount of museums per 100k capita.
There are two more views you can switch between with a parameter. One of them shows the map, each state is colored by the number of museums per 100k capita. As it turns out the number of museums per population tends to be higher in the northern states. Vermont is on the top with 43 museums per 100k residents while Utah and Florida is on the bottom of the list with 5.1 and 5.2 per 100k.


Dashboard Week is Over

This week was really challenging. Working on a completely new project every day is demanding. To find the data, to understand and transform it, to visualize it and write a blog post about the process in 8 hours was hard work and put a lot of pressure on us. However it was satisfying to be able to deliver something meaningful every day and I think all of us learnt a lot. If nothing else, my blog writing got much faster and effortless.
It is good to be over though and looking forward to have a chilled weekend  It feels like after this week every project would be easy.


Laszlo Dobiasz
Author: Laszlo Dobiasz