On the 13th week of our training at the Data School we are given a project every day. By the end of each day every one of us have to come up with a visualization and write a blog post about the challenges we faced and the work we done.

On Monday Morning we were asked to register on Transport NSW’s open data website (https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/), choose a dataset and create an Alteryx workflow to download the data via API which we then had to present in Tableau.

Getting the data

I chose the Live Traffic Cameras API to start with. It seemed interesting and I thought I could enrich the dataset later if I wanted.

This is my Alteryx workflow:

I got the data and drafted a dashboard in Tableau by around 11:30am. Then I realized that although it is cool to pick and see the traffic through live cameras, the data is not very insightful. So, I started to download other datasets. I spent a few hours to connect to different APIs, I even created a batch macro in Alteryx to create heatmaps for each year across NSW, representing traffic density.

This is the workflow at the end of the day:

Visualizing the data

After spending hours to download different traffic datasets, I started creating charts in Tableau but I didn’t find the data very interesting and I realized I was running out of time. If I wanted to present something by the end of the day and write this blogpost I needed to finish my first draft.

Here is my final dashboard:

And these are my other drafts which I didn’t include in my final dashboard at the end:



The challenges

There is so much data to choose from on Transport NSW website. If I was asked the same task I would start with another dataset next time. It was hard to manage time. At the end I didn’t use most of the data I downloaded and lots of the work was wasted.




Laszlo Dobiasz
Author: Laszlo Dobiasz