16 weeks, 7 data schoolers, and data as far as the eye can see! This was the formula for DSAU1, and it has been a wild ride from beginning to end with each and every day bringing a new and interesting challenge to hone our data analysis skills by pushing them to the limit. Reflecting on where I began, with humble roots in microbiology and the humanities, to where I am today really highlights just how far the Data School has taken me and makes me excited to continue the journey outside of the classroom!


So what exactly have I learned? so so SO much! Outside of excellent skills in data visualization, technical skills and techniques in data analysis, and an ability to come to grips with any dataset that’s thrown at me… The main strength of the data school was being given the opportunity to learn and grow with a team of people with a genuine passion for data. It was the fine line between comradery and competition that pushed us to go the extra mile in everything we did, and to work as a part of a data team with 7 individuals that attack problems from completely different angles gave me the opportunity to broaden my own horizons. It was these soft skills of learning as a team, working as a team, and delivering high quality analysis as a team that made the whole experience for me.


On top of this, being able to take the skills we learned during our training and applying them to the things that we are passionate about kept us going strong throughout the 4 months. Nothing was safe… Not even my own Facebook data! (I definitely didn’t upload that to tableau public though…) It was inevitable that I found an appreciation for data and the way it works in the world around us, and being able to relate this back to clients that were willing to have a punt on the data school and trust us with their data really made me appreciate the forces at play behind data analysis.


Looking back, there are always things I would change or improve – skills that I want to brush up on, charts I want to create, datasets I want to crunch – but I’m happy to take these thoughts and keep them as a reminder to never stop learning as I make my way into the data world!

Leigh Morrell
Author: Leigh Morrell