I can’t believe it is the end of the training section in Data School! How time flys! Before joining the data school, I was a data analyst. I wanted to join data school to pursue my career in Sydney and learn market-leading analytical tools and skills. After 16 weeks, I should say it must be my wisest decision I have ever made. I learned so much and had so much fun working together with our coach and all the cohorters.

The curriculum

Intensive: The curriculum was quite intensive.  When we thought it was putting us to our limitation, next week would break this record. Although the previous cohort warned us, we were still quite impressed by its intensity.

Informative: However, we were upgrading our skills through intensive training and projects. I like the curriculum because it always according to the needs of our project. When there was a project about the survey data, it came with cleaning and visualizing the survey data.  We were always learning by doing.

Diversity: By browsing my notebook and the files by each week, I realized yet how many subjects we had learned:

  • Data visualization: Tableau, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server, Power BI, Best practice of visualization, Mapbox;
  • Data ETL: Alteryx, Alteryx Server, APIs, Web scarping, Google analytics, SQL, Salesforce;
  • Communication: Presentation skills, Requirement gathering, Training skills;
  • Project management: Agile.
  • Other: Data modeling, Data warehouse, Predictive modeling;

The coaches

Knowledgeable: We have two best head coaches who always be very kind and supportive. We can always learn things from them and be impressed by their sensitivity to business and sophisticated analytical skills. Craig always gives us advice about the best practice of visualization, and David helps us with finding the meaningful story behind the questions. Besides the head coaches, we still had other coaches give us courses in different subjects.  I really appreciated that Rachid, Tram, Russell, Nick, Ayelavan, Ryan spent their time and enthusiasm to help us in the training session, and I look forward to learning more from them! Although PK is not on the list on the Coaches page, he taught us the very important part of a data analyst– presentation. Without presenting properly, the data analyst can never deliver their best work in front of the client.

Patient: The other thing I was astonished by was how patient and gentle they are. Craig and David are always there ready for help. I like the instructive way they help us solve the questions by ourselves instead of telling us the answers. Sometimes that means they should be much more patient.

Practical: Business comes first is the most important rule I have discovered from the Data School. Every course we had learned was based on the practical needs of the client. We studied how to focus on the questions by prioritizing them and try your best to meet the deadline.  We also acquired from the Coaches how important it is to prepare your presenting in previous to show your professionalism in front of your client.

The Team

Collaborative:  As a team member, we tried our best to make the most for our team. Although there still some kind of competition between us in each project, collaboration comes first. We help each other with their technique issues, business question interpreting, blog writings, life problems, and we encourage each other when they’re not on their best days.

Helpful: We help each other in the data school. We are not only receiving help from coaches, MIP members, our 6th cohort, but we also got help from the previous cohorts. Thanks to them, I met the deadline with quality reports and presentations.

Talented: I am so proud that I am working with this talented team, and I can always learn a lot from them:

Amy is a very talented analyst who always has a passion for learning new things. She can pick up questions quickly and put her best effort into it. I am always impressed by her beautiful and insightful dashboard and how she tells her insights;  Sean is always passionate about trying creative dashboards and his predictive modeling; Patrick is an inborn presenter. I am so impressed by his charm in the presentation. Romy is a very good trainer and storyteller; Jethro, a crazy person who passed the Alteryx Advance certificate in two weeks. He can always solve the Alteryx problems very quickly; Harsha is very talented in her web scraping skills and always very calm and productive.

The high-light time

I like the idea of presenting every week, and that made us improve the presentation skill so quickly. I enjoy every drinking Friday and had fun talking with all the data schoolers. I was excited about the client projects, which allowed us to access real consultant life. I enjoy all parts of the training.

Never stop learning journey.

The training came to an end, but the learning journey doesn’t. I like the quote from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, which is, “Learning life’s lessons are not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.” I want my life to really mean something. That’s the reason that I won’t ever stop my learning journey.

Leona Lai
Author: Leona Lai