The topic for this week dashboard is Melbourne Cup; Surprisingly the day we are presenting this dashboard is also the day for Melbourne Cup 2022.

The data was web scrapped from this website:

I will be using the data from 2012-2021

This dashboard agenda can be divided into two parts

  • Alteryx
  • Tableau


Web Scrapping was done using Alteryx. This part took the most time in preparation of the dashboard. I used standard macros to extract the data. Five (5) different macros were made to create tables to be used in Tableau for data visualization.

  1. Macro 1: 2009

Figure 1: Macro for 2009 Data

2. Macro 2: 2010-2011

Figure 2: Macro for 2010-2011

Macro 3: 2012-2017

Figure 3: Macro for 2012-2017

Macro 4: 2018-2019

Figure 4: Macro for 2018-2019

Macro 5: 2020-2021

Figure 5: Macro for 2020-2021


The idea behind the dashboard was to give user the ability to place a bet with respect to Horse and its trainer. The dashboard shows which countries horses participated the most and which position they acquired throughout the last 10 years.

Another functionality of the dashboard is for someone who wants to place bets. They can have a look on ranking of different trainers as to which position, they finish in on average considering the number of matches involved. If they want to consider just the Horse, they can look throughout the years which horse won the most and with parameter change they can switch the view to trainer and look at most wins by trainers throughout the year.

Figure 6: Final dashboard

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Maliha Athar
Author: Maliha Athar