The topic for Dashboard Week- Day 2 is London Fire Brigade. The data set contained information about incidents in different boroughs, wards, their incident group, and their description.

Data Source:

In my dashboard I analyzed the number of incidents with respect to Borough. For this analysis I imported an England SHP file into tableau in order to make a map focused only on England. After getting the shape file of England containing borough shapes, I analyzed the number of incidents in different boroughs. The analysis concluded that Westminster tops with the most fire incidents followed by Camden and Tower Hamlets. Through this dashboard we can also analyze the different incident groups categorized as Special Service, False Alarm and Fire. The top three boroughs with most fire incidents had a similar trend of high number False Alarms. In further drilldown from the incident group, it was concluded that most incidents were reported with Automatic Fire alarm System.

The dashboard further tells about the description of these incident groups. Further I have analyzed the percentage of incidents broken down with incident groups by each year. This chart shows that there is a decline in number of incidents occurring with the progression of years. In the data set provided to me 2009 marked the most incidents with least incidents reported in 2015. We can clearly see, the decreasing incidents in this chart. I also created a heat map showing which weekday received a greater number of incidents broken down by each hour. I concluded that 5pm- 6pm was the time with when most of the incidents occurred. At the end of the dashboard, there is a heat map indicating that July-October were the months where the greatest number of incidents occurred.

Figure 1: Main Dashboard

If you want to have a look at the dashboard and interact with it. Here is the Link

Maliha Athar
Author: Maliha Athar