The topic of today’s dashboard was threatened species. Thanks to Bethany, she web-scrapped the data for us but the challenging part of this day was to find supplementary data.

The dashboard looks at the total species that were assessed and then how many of them were classified as threatened. A yearly trend shows that the number of endangered, vulnerable, and critically endangered species has increased, which should be concerning. Next chart assigns rank to each class and analyzes how the rank has changed over time. The rank is based on number of threatened species for that class.


Figure 1: Yearly Trend and Rank Chart

The following charts are related to the original data source that was given to us. The pie chart shows the division of class with respect to the threatened species. I have also analyzed how each class is doing according to different Redlist status.

Figure 2: Division of threatened species and count of Redlist for each class

Data Source: Link to Data Source 1

Data Source 2: Link to Data Source 2

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Maliha Athar
Author: Maliha Athar