Have you ever come across a situation where that one color just clicked your mind and you wanted to include it in your dashboard, but you didn’t want to include it in your custom palette. There is another way to do that. In fact, you can use multiple colors without having them added to your color palette.

It’s the pick color from your screen option. Let me demonstrate how to do that. Let’s suppose you have a chart that you want to color in the exact same purple shade as your display background.

-You just need to go to your Marks card

Figure 1: Go to Marks Card

-Go to Colors

Figure 2: Go to Colors 

-Chose more Color Option

Figure 3: Chose More Colors Options

-Click on Pick Screen Color. Hover over to the color that you want and click

Figure 4: Pick Screen Color

-It will appear on your tableau with the Hex Code

Figure 5: The color is added 

-You have your charts colored in the color that you wanted without it added to your custom palette

Figure 6: Charts matching the Background

Maliha Athar
Author: Maliha Athar