It is tableau server week at Data School Down under and the tableau server guru, Jonothan MacDonald is here with us all week teaching us about Tableau Server. We have installed the Tableau Server and did a backup of it and did some basics of tabcmd and tsm command. It was fun!

Our Friday challenge was to build a custom view of tableau server admin. We can customize the Tableau Server admin views for monitoring usage and data server statistics. For this, we need access to the underlying Postgres database that contains a lot of useful information about the tableau server usage.

Step 1: Login to your server and select manage sites.

Step 2: Click on Status. We can click on any link to see the corresponding dashboard.

These dashboards will give you some interesting insights, but if you want to customize these dashboards, then we need access to Tableau Server Repository. Now we can open the Tableau Desktop and connect to PostgreSQL. To gain access we need some credentials.

Once connected we can see the huge amount of data from different sources.

My challenge was to create a custom admin view to know how many data sources are connected to each site and project and whether it is an extract or a live connection and to check whether they are up-to-date?

This contains details of the data that I need to create the dashboard.

If we need to connect to more tables or views we can connect by dragging. (Make sure that you have  connected properly). For this, we need a  data dictionary of the Tableau server.

Thus we can customize the Tableau server admin views.

Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan