On day 3 of dashboard week, we got data from the VicRoads open data. It has data related to the road accidents of state Victoria in Australia. Given the shorter time constraint, the data was easy to retrieve. But we need to prepare the data with only Tableau Prep. To add some more information, I also added the survey population data.

We can do data preparation with tableau prep but only light touch preparation. We can do basic join, aggregation, pivot, union and simple calculations using tableau prep. In tableau prep, a user gets “Summary of Join Results” option that shows unmatched values. This can be a very useful feature for evaluating join conditions and validating data. In Tableau Prep, after performing the data transformation step, the user can use the “Preview in Tableau Desktop” option to look at the data in tableau desktop. This is my favorite feature as it provides the easy way to validate the data after the transformation step. We can generate the output in “tde”, “hyper” or “csv” format only.

Even though, we got a lot of data from the website I have decided to stick with only some of them. I decided to tell a story related to accidents that have occurred in the year 2016. And there it is, my dashboard. Click on the picture below for interactive dashboard.

Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan