Dashboard week Day 3 begins with presentations and feedback. Today’s task was to take the data from the inaturalist.org and make something of it. This dataset took deep into the life of different kinds of species that found by different observers in different locations. But the data has only some fields which we can use for analysis. As the data was too big, I decided to concentrate only on ‘Big Cats’. Here’s my (almost finished) viz and some things I learned along the way: (Click on the image for interactive viz)

  1. As I said the data was so big that after joining the data it was almost 1GB. So I have created a .hyper file. Hyper is designed to handle large datasets, resulting in faster extract creation and better query performance
  2. I have learned how to embed audio into the tableau. Yes, we can embed youtube audio and video to the tableau. It’s pretty simple.
    1. Open youtube and then go to the track on Soundcloud.
    2. Click on the Share button.
    3. When the share window appears, click on Embed at the top.
    4. Scroll to the bottom and click on More Options.
    5. Choose the size and check the Automatic play box.
    6. Copy the embed code.
    7. Select the text after the “src=“ and copy it
    8. Add a Web Page object onto the dashboard.
    9. Paste the copied text in the URL box.

When using YouTube, you can add “?autoplay=1&loop=1” to the end of the embed URL in order to make it play automatically.



Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan