Dashboard week is over! The past 4 days was undeniably intense but enjoyable also.  Although today I only had a few hours to build a dashboard, I felt much more relaxed about it compared to the first day. It was probably because I have been presenting every day during the week or because I have learned so many new things that I could apply much faster than before. As I have a few hours to build a dashboard, It is not easy to create something you have never done before. So I focused on being able to tell a story, present it in a clear way and easy to understand it.

The important thing that I learned this week is to work under pressure involves dealing with time constraints. Managing the time effectively means also understand what it is feasible to achieve during the time available and make the best of it. Today’s dataset is about the Public toilets in Australia. The dataset was manageable and no cleaning was needed. I managed to get into Tableau quite quickly compared to other days. I’d also taken on some of the lessons learned from previous days by narrowing down and running with an angle fairly early on.

Click on the image below to see my final dashboard of the week.

Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan