In tableau, we can provide tool-tip for additional information. In some situations, we would like to provide two different tool-tips in one graph. For example, your manager would like to compare the monthly sales and while hovering over each month he also wants to see the sales in daily granularity. He also likes to see the monthly data split by a dimension. The answer to this problem is the Dual-axis.

I have created the monthly sales using dual axis. By creating the second marks card to be a circle so that we can distinguish the two elements being visualized.

Now create two additional worksheets;  one line chart visualizing the same data but in daily granularity and one bar chart visualizing a dimension like the below diagram.



Now add the additional line chart as the Viz In Tooltip for your 1st Marks card and add the bar chart as the Viz In Tooltip for your 2nd Marks card. You will now be able to hover over a month in the visualization and see the daily analysis of sales when hovering over the line and see the subcategory profit ratio when hovering over the dot.


Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan