My entry into Tableau: One of my friends had some experience in Tableau and told me about it. As I found some interest in it, I started studying Tableau by downloading videos from the Tableau website and started creating some vizzes and slowly became an addicted to it. On one day I saw the advertisement for data school down under. (By this time, I become a fan of Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray by reading their blogs and through dataschool didn’t want our resume I applied by submitting a dashboard about our head coach) appreciating my effort and some points on how to improve my initial version. Then I started improving my dashboard and it took me about 1 week to incorporate his inputs. After improving my dashboard 3 times he invited me for a quick chat about dataschool and explain my insights from the dashboard that I created.

I explained my insights to Craig then he told me to present to Steve and Jackie (directors of MIP). They asked me to present my dashboard as if I am presenting to a client and they asked some questions like introduce yourself, hobbies and all those kinds of stuff. Then Craig told me that they are sending another data set to all the candidates and I need to present my dashboard on this new data set to the same team of MIP.

Tips and advice to candidates applying to data school down under.

Meera Vijayan
Author: Meera Vijayan