You can download images directly through Alteryx. When paired with web scraping this can be a very powerful tool to automate downloading every image on a certain website. For this blog we will look at the download tool and how to download and save a single image in Alteryx. First we need to find an image and find the direct web address to this image. The easiest way to do this is to right click on an image in a website and select open image in new tab.

Now copy the web address for the image and insert it into an Alteryx text input tool. Also add another field in the text input as the filename that we want to save our image as.

Now drag a download tool into the workflow and configure it as follows:

Blob means binary large object, which is the format that tableau uses for image and sound files. Now that we have the blob in the workflow all we have to do is output it. This can be done with the blob output tool.

Choose replace file name with field to be able to dynamically set the name of the image, this is particularly useful if you have a lot of rows of images. Now if you run the folder and check the destination folder you will see that your image is downloaded.