For the final day of dashboard week our dataset was The Legatum Prosperity Index. The dataset has a hierarchical structure where each country has an over prosperity index. This prosperity score is made up pillars (eg. education, health) each pillar is made up of elements and each element is made up of indicators. For this dashboard I wanted to create a dashboard that let someone slice and dice the dataset however they wanted. The data was already clean so I got to go straight into tableau.

The visualisation

The dashboard is relatively simple. First we have a map filter that allows users to pick a region for analysis. Next we have score over time for each region, here we can also filter the data to any range of years for the entire viz.
Finally we have the top countries by rank and their growth over time, as well as the top countries by growth for the specified filters.

The final touch to this viz was to add navigation to be able to go to a separate filters dashboard, which would give a break down of each pillar, and allow a user to select a pillar for the main dashboard to use. Once a pillar is selected, we can also see a break down of all the indicators within that pillar. Users are then able to select an indicator if the choose, or if they don’t choose an indicator, the main dashboard will show an overview for the selected pillar. The breakdowns are filtered for the selected region and dates on the main dashboard.

This dashboard was a good exercise in building a dashboard with a lot of interconnected filters. It was also helpful to learn how to dynamically select a string from any depth of a hierarchy. You can see the full dashboard here.