Since receiving my offer for the April cohort at The Data School Sydney in late October 2023, I’ve been anxious to find out what my new job had in store for me and as my first week comes to an end I can say it was worth the wait.  I won’t be giving away too much as to not ruin the surprise for any future applicants but in this blog post I will be summarizing my experience leading up to to and a few insights into my first week at The Data School.

I initially applied for the November cohort but as the spots were already filled I was offered a position in the April cohort which I happily accepted.  Like many of my cohort we were initially surprised to hear we were being invited to interview and thanks to some great feedback from a few of the Data School coaches I was able to present my first dashboard with confidence.  At the next stage of interviews I was given data on the Australian education system and thanks to some consulting with the coaches here at The Data School I was able to put together my best dashboard to date.  However, my presentation was very rushed as I had included way too many plots and insights to cover in 15 minutes.  All that aside though, it was good enough to get the job!

Then, after months of waiting, I was finally in the office and surrounded by people just as passionate about data as I was.  Not only is everyone here a data enthusiast but they are all form different walks of life, which is perfect for me as a former musician.  We got straight into the learning, with the first day and a half being spent mostly on theory, cyber security and office etiquette.  Following that we moved onto our computers and started up Tableau.  We smashed through the basics and I learnt a lot as during my application process I was focused on achieving my vision, and didn’t care how I did it.  These new skills, especially on parameters helped me majorly in my first presentation which required me to re imagine my application dashboard and implement changes using what we had learnt over the first week.

We were all dreading our first presentation but thanks to Beth’s (Our Head Coach) support and the support of each other we all made it through unscathed.  Now to end the week I’m writing this blog.  I know there will be plenty more presentations and even more to learn but after my first week here at The Data School I am excited to see what the future holds!

Mikael Nuutinen
Author: Mikael Nuutinen