Finally here comes the dreaded (for me) Dashboard Week! During this week we will be tasked to complete one dashboard per day on a given dataset or source. Today our job is to download anime data form Jikan API. It’s an unofficial my anime list API that allows users to download anime data including characters, genres, top list, etc. Speaking of Japanese anime, the first thing comes to my mind is Detective Conan – my old time favorite. I decided to focus on this anime, but soon I realised that there are no detail data for each episode. Therefore I changed my mind to look for its movies data, where I can get more statistics such as score and popularity.


Alteryx Workflow

I used two workflows to download movies’ details and characters separately because of the download restriction of the API. Since there are only 24 Conan movies so far, I manually identified their IDs and create another input for them. After getting the URL correct by combining endpoint and parameter, I called API and downloaded data. Then I did some parsing to make my data ready for use in Tableau. Below are the screenshots of my Alteryx workflows.


Alteryx workflow for getting movie details data with getAnimeById


Alteryx workflow for getting movie characters data with getAnimeCharacters:


Tableau Dashboard


My dashboard is looking at the change of popularity and rank of this classic anime series across 25 years from 1997 to 2021. In addition, the dashboard shows the number of users who have favorited the movie or added the movie to their list, and compares those to the numbers of a selected year of movie. I also include a brief introduction of movie selected, as well as the characters in that movie. This is a good chance for me to practice insert web page and URL action.


Below is the screenshot of my dashboard. It can also be viewed on my Tableau Public.


Ming-Hsuan Lee
Author: Ming-Hsuan Lee