The fourth challenge of our dashboard week is Legatum Prosperity Index. It’s a tool to measure how prosperity is changing across the world over time. The data contains country overall prosperity score. There are also scores measuring how a country perform in 12 pillars, 67 elements, and 300 indicators.


From the dashboard presentation feedback from coaches every morning, we’ve learnt that story telling and insights delivering are the most important things when building and presenting your dashboard. Therefore today after I’ve decided to focus on my home country Taiwan, I’ve spent a lot of time on thinking how to structure my story.


Alteryx Workflow

The data contains 8 sheets, and I thought I might use four of them. The data preparation workflows are the same. I input them separately because the fields number are different.


Basically I want to focus on Taiwan, therefore I filtered countries not in Asia Pacific. Selects tools are used to keep relevant fields only and change fields names. Then Formula tools are used to do some data cleaning.


The data also needs to be transposed so that year can be in rows rather than columns. Then I output them to excel file for use in Tableau.


Below is the screenshot of my Alteryx workflow.


Tableau Dashboard

As my focus in one country only, I started with overall prosperity rank in the world to see its general performance. After that I look into the rank in 12 pillars. Followed by this is to look deeper into elements performance. I ended up not using the 300 indicators data because I think 67 elements should provide enough details.


Below is a screenshot of my today’s work. You can also view it on my Tableau Public.



Ming-Hsuan Lee
Author: Ming-Hsuan Lee