The last challenge this week is FAO stat data. There are three files provided: Producer Price Index (PPI) by year and month in two files, and Consumer Price Index (CPI) in another file. We have the choice to add additional data, but I ended up only using the given files. The task is the same: to find a story and present in Tableau dashboard.


Today we got an even tighter timeline. The task was given at 9am and we are expected to finish by 3pm. To be honest I was super worried because I was struggling to find a story in the data. In the end I decided to focus on meat items only.


Alteryx Workflow

The data is pretty clean already, so I used Alteryx mainly for exploring data. I decided to use CPI file and annual PPI file only, and I did some data preparation for the annual PPI file. Below is a screenshot of my simple and basic workflow today.


Tableau Dashboard

I started my dashboard by showing PPI by year of all 20 meat items. The chart shows an increasing trend across the majority of items. This implies a sign of inflation. The dashboard also shows PPI on map, so we can see the PPI in different countries. I also compare PPI to CPI, as PPI can usually be seen as a leading indicator of CPI. If there’s a bigger gap between PPI and CPI in a country, it might be facing a higher inflation rate.


Below is a screenshot of my dashboard. It can also be view on my Tableau Public.


Ming-Hsuan Lee
Author: Ming-Hsuan Lee