Level of detail (LOD) expressions in Tableau allow you to specify dimensions or measures at different levels of granularity. You can create more complex visualizations by controlling the detail displayed in your charts and graphs.

There are three types of LOD expression in Tableau: FIXED, INCLUDE, and EXCLUDE. The type of LOD expression you use depends on the requirements of your visualization and the level of detail you want to display.

Today we will focus on FIXED LOD.






The FIXED LOD sits between the Context Filter and the Dimension Filters, so the dimension filter won’t affect it.

For instance, if we wanted to show the total sales for each region, regardless of the state sales within each region, and the percentage of sales for each region.

To build it, we will use the FIXED LOD expression.


Step 1- Drag the Region and State dimensions to the Rows shelf, and drag the Sales to the View.








Step 2 – Create a fixed calculation on Region sales




Step 3 – Drag the Fixed Region Sales to the view









Step 4 – Create another calculation field on percentage of sales




Last Step – Drag the % of Sales onto the View








As we can see that the fixed region sales will always remain the same and it will allow us to control the level of detail displayed in our visualizations and create more complex charts.


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