In Tableau, the Exclude Level of Detail (LOD) function allows you to specify a level of detail that you want to exclude from your visualization.

This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as removing outliers or creating a more focused view of your data.


One common use case for the Exclude LOD function is to create a more focused view of your data.

For example, suppose you have a dataset that includes sales data for multiple Sub-Category, and you want to create a visualization that compares and shows the differences in sales between selected subcategories from other subcategories

Let’s build it and see how it works


Step 1

Drag the Sub-Category to the Rows shelf and Sales to the Columns shelf



Step 2

Create a Sub-Category Parameter and show the parameter


Step 3

Create a calculation field for Selected Sub-Category


Step 4

Create a calculation field for Exclude Selected Sub-category using Exclude LOD function


Last step

Create a calculation field for the sales difference compared to the selected sub-category and other sub-categories.


We can now see the sales performances between the selected sub-category compared to other sub-categories

Overall, the Exclude LOD function can be a useful tool for creating more focused and accurate visualizations in Tableau, and it can be used in a variety of different scenarios to help you get a better understanding of your data.


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