Tableau is an awesome tool that lets you create cool charts and graphs. One of the coolest things about Tableau is how easy it is to dig deep into your data. In this blog post, I am going to show you how to make a drill-down bar chart in Tableau.

So what’s a drill-down chart? It’s a chart that lets you look at your data in more detail. For example, if you have a bar chart that shows sales by region, you can use a drill-down chart to see sales by state or city.

To create a drill-down chart in Tableau, we’re going to use something called a parameter action. This lets you interact with a parameter on your chart and update it in real-time. Here’s how to make a drill-down chart in Tableau:

Step 1: Create a basic bar chart

Start by making a simple bar chart. We’re going to use the Superstore dataset that comes with Tableau, and create a bar chart that shows sales by region.

Step 2: Create a parameter

Next, in order to use parameter action, we’ll create a parameter called “Level 1 Region Parameter”. To create the parameter, go to the “Create Parameter” dialog box and set the following options:

  • Data Type: String
  • Allowable values: All

Step 3: Create a calculated field

Now we need to make a calculated field that will tell Tableau how much detail to show. The calculated field will use the parameter we made in Step 2 to decide whether to show data at the State level. To create the calculated field, go to the “Analysis” menu and select “Create Calculated Field”. Then use the following formula:

Step 4: Create the parameter action

Finally, we need to create the parameter action that will let us interact with the “View Level” parameter. To do this, go to the “Dashboard” menu and select “Actions”. Then, click on “Add Action” and choose “Change Parameter”. In the “Change Parameter” dialog box, set the following options:

  • Source Sheets: The bar chart you created in Step 1
  • Target Parameter: The “View Level” parameter you created in Step 2
  • Field: The field you want to use to update the parameter (in this case is Region)
  • Run action on: Select “Select”

Step 5: Make the drill-down chart

Now we need to update the bar chart to use the calculated field we created in Step 3. Drag the calculated field to the “Columns” shelf. Now your bar chart should be able to drill down from Region to State level!

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