Hello again dear readers! I finally got the chance to write this blog on day 4 of the dashboard week since I had nasty migraine on day 2 and 3, but better late than never right?

The topic for the 2nd project is sports! Which our team has limited knowledge of except for Jack. But the challenge is to process unfamiliar data in a day and to provide good story. I chose horse racing simply because it reminded me of a horse racing event in a farm game that I played as a kid. So I picked my data of Kentucky derby from this site. There are plenty of sports related data there.

After spending some time understanding the data and thinking of questions to answer with my dashboard, I finally started working on the data prep. Not much done to be honest, since the data is relatively clean.

On the workflow above, I created a point system based on the change of ranks (rank 1 out of 11 contestants would get 11/11 point, rank 2 out of 11 contestants will get 10/11 points, and so on), and changed the time of completion from string format to seconds and minutes (e.g., 2:20.05 to 140.05 seconds).

The questions that popped in my minds are:

  • How big is the relationship between horse winning chance with their Jockeys/Trainers’?
  • Who are the top jockeys and trainers
  • What can we learn from their history?
  • What is the effect of track conditions on the winning chance?

And so I have created this dashboard!

Some of the insights that I have found from this dashboard are:

  • Almost 1-1 relationship between horse’s winning change and Jockeys/Trainers
  • The top jockey (appeared in more than 10 races) seems to be Eddie Arcaro, and the top trainer seems to be Ben A Jones (and of course Eddie rode Ben’s horse in some matches)
  • It does not seem that experience (in years and in number of races) really mattered in winning the race
  • Normal track conditions do not impact the rank as much, but bad track conditions do. Perhaps this is where the true skills and resilience shine?

And that’s it for this blog, hope you enjoyed reading it! 😊

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