To get into The Data School, you are required to find a dataset online, create a viz on Tableau and present the dashboard. This blog post will help you break down this application into manageable sections and help put you in a good position to be successful in your application.


I. Learning Tableau

The best way to learn Tableau at the start is to understand the user interface. This will help us understand what we are selecting, where we are dragging it, and why. Here are some resources to help get your bearing:

Familiarising yourself with the Tableau interface

Tableau Tutorial: Get Started with Tableau Desktop

Tableau Tutorials from The Data School

 Andy Kriebel’s YouTube Tutorials


II. Understanding Standards: Analysing Past Applicant’s Dashboards

Before we start building our dashboard, it will help to understand what it has taken for past successful applicants to get into The Data School. When looking at their dashboards, consider why they have selected a certain way to visualise the data and the story that the chart tells, and the overall layout of the dashboard. Consider the design choices past applicants have chosen and pay attention to factors such as text-to-visualisation ratios, colours, chart type choice, and intractability.

What it took to get into The Data School


III. Seeking Inspiration: Exploring Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a treasure box of inspiring dashboards that can give ideas for unique and memorable dashboard. It can give insight into how experienced Tableau users maximise different functions and unique ways to present data. However, consider what chart type best represents the data and how end users might use the dashboard.


IV. Embracing Feedback: Continuous Improvement

Submitting your application early and asking for feedback from the coaches at The Data School is an invaluable resource that can give you a head start. You can put yourself in a strong position by taking in advice, updating your viz, and resubmitting for review again. After completing your dashboard, have someone look over your dashboard and make sure that the chart choices make sense and the viz is clear.


V. Practice Makes Perfect: Presenting Impactful Dashboards

If your initial application is successful, you will be asked to present a dashboard during the interview stages. To deliver an impactful and memorable presentation, prepare presentation notes and practice your presentation. Remember, you are telling a story about your data. Here is an example of powerful storytelling with data.

Hans Rosling’s Storytelling


Securing an interview to get into The Data School requires a continuous learning, and a proactive mindset. Remember, The Data School values a passion for data and willingness to learn and improve. Embrace this journey with persistence and confidence, and embark on a fulfilling career in data analytics. Best of luck!

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