Recently many of us at the data school have sat the Alteryx Designer Core Exam. I thought I’d put together a list of some tips that I found helpful when completing the exam.

1. Make the most of all the exam prep resources Alteryx offers.

Alteryx provides several exam prep related resources including an exam prep guide and a practice test. The prep guide gives a thorough explanation of what’s involved in the exam and lists all the tools that will be tested. Make sure you complete and understand all the practice questions as they provide a very accurate representation of the questions you will get in the exam. Alteryx’s Interactive Lessons are a useful way to feel more confident with any tools that you are unsure of. Participating in the Weekly Challenges is another great way to build up your skills before taking the exam. Completing these challenges will help you, particularly with the practical application questions.

2. Have a pen and paper ready.

As there are 80 questions to answer in 2 hours, time management plays a big role in successfully completing this exam. I found it helpful to note down the question number of any questions I was unsure of as and questions worth 3 points. That way when I had time at the end to revise, I could quickly find the questions I wanted to spend extra time double-checking.

3.  Have useful links open to refer to.

The Alteryx Tool Mastery Index provides useful links that provide info on any tools you may need to lookup. The prep guide also mentions that file types and shortcuts are likely to be tested. I found it useful to have these links open in order to quickly check my answers. These questions are likely to be quicker and more straightforward than the more complex workflow questions. So you don’t want to waste some easy points by making any careless mistakes. As the exam is open book, it is useful to have a tab open to quickly lookup anything that might help with questions that you are unsure of.

4. Make the most of Alteryx during the exam.

You’ll want to have Alteryx open before you start the exam as you’ll need it for the practical questions. Another useful way to use Alteryx is to use the text input tool to test for yourself any workflow related questions that you are unsure of. However, you do need to be mindful of timing so it may be best to save testing the workflows until you’ve completed all the questions and are going back to revise.

5. Have a go at the exam even if you don’t feel ready.

I think this is the most important tip. The exam doesn’t cost any money and you can attempt it as many times as you want. Doing the exam is the best way to familiarise yourself with the content and get a feel for the timing. Best of all, you get feedback broken down by question category so you’ll know what areas/tools you should focus on studying. Therefore, there’s no excuse not to attempt the exam as you’ve got nothing to lose but lots to gain.

By following these tips you have a great chance of passing the Alteryx Designer Core Exam.

Good Luck!

The Data School
Author: The Data School