We just had a project week with Power BI. And one of the things that the client wanted was to make use of dynamic titles. Doing dynamic titles in Power BI as opposed to Tableau, is a little more complicated. So, lets have a look at how to do it in Power BI.

First, make a new measure (right-click on the table you want to create the measure in) in Power BI, like so:

Then, you will need to write a DAX function. DAX or Data Analysis Expressions, is the language that is used to make new measures and data manipulation within Power BI. The DAX function is written in the formula bar at the top:

So, lets break this down. Just for some context this was a client project, and the data is publicly available regarding the coal industry in Queensland. First thing is the name for the measure, and in this case its “Title”. Then enter the title you want in quotation marks, followed by the “&” symbol, then to add the section of the title you want to be dynamic or change, the function is “SELECTEDVALUE”. Once you press enter, you can then add the variable from you desired table that needs changing when you make different selections in the slicer. In this context, it was the type of coal that needed changing.

After you have completed this, press enter and the new measure will be in your table. To, see it, drag the ‘Card’ visual on to the canvas, like so:

Then, drag the new measure you just created on to this visual. Also to makes sure that the value that is dynamic is in a slicer. And now you when you click on the different options in your slicer, the title will update.

As you can see, adding dynamic titles is a little more involved in Power BI than it is in Tableau.

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