Are you planning to give Alteryx Designer Core Certification Exam? This blog is right for you.

Here are some useful tips from my experience for you-

  1. Follow Prep Guide- In Alteryx Community there is Preparation Guide given for preparing for the exam which really covers important points.  Some of them are-
    i) Exam format– It is open book two hours Exam Containing 80 multiple choice questions. There is no negative marking in questions except for multiple select questions. In multiple selection questions, there is negative marking for selecting the wrong options.
    ii) List of Tools– There is a list of 24 tools given in the Prep Guide to prepare for the exam.
    iii) Interactive Lessons– There is also a link to interactive lessons in the Prep Guide for the listed tools. These lessons are good for conceptual clarity.
    iv) Sample Questions– There are 5 sample questions given in the Prep Guide which are quite like type of questions asked in the Exam.
  2. Alteryx Weekly Challenges– There are around 160 Weekly Challenges given on Alteryx Community which are helpful for increasing familiarity with the Alteryx Tools.
  3. Live training– There is a series of 4 Live Pieces of training recorded and saved in Alteryx Community especially on Preparation for Core Certificate Prep.
    Even after following the above steps I got stuck up at 77.7% in my first attempt for the exam.
    I learned some additional lessons after giving the first attempt.
  4. Additional Tools– In the Exam questions can come on some additional tools than those mentioned in Prep Guide like Join Multiple, Running Total, Weighted Average, etc. So, preparing on these tools also is a good idea.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts and Alteryx File types– having a list of Keyboard shortcuts used in Alteryx and File types in Alteryx is important before the exam.
  6. Crosstab vs Transpose– There are various questions in the exam which want to test your knowledge of the difference between Crosstab and Transpose tools. Going through their open examples in Alteryx Designer and understanding the differences is a really good idea.
  7. Give the exam– Another best way to prepare for the exam is to attempt it as you can again appear in it again after the duration of a week.
    I am indeed happy that I cleared my Alteryx Designer Core exam in my second attempt yesterday with 94.7% and wish good luck to all others who are preparing for the exam!
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