Alteryx is a data cleaning and wrangling tool used by many data analysts.
If you are new to Alteryx, it can be quite overwhelming, but just like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, its a walk in the park.
Once you become somewhat familiar with Alteryx, you can take the Alteryx Designer Core Certification to show everyone that you have a thorough understanding of the Alteryx Designer environment.


Preparation is key.
Once you have familiarised yourself with the core tools:

  • In/Out
  • Preparation
  • Join
  • Parse
  • Transform
  • Documentation
  • The Search Bar (not a tool)

If you are not going to go through all the tools from the above palettes, then at the very least, I recommend familiarising yourself with these:

You should read through the Alteryx Core Certification exam prep Guide. Be sure to do some of the recommended weekly challenges on page 11 of the prep guide.

Just before you sit the Exam

I would highly recommend that you have Alteryx open and create some dummy inputs using the text input tool. This would allow you to quickly perform functions that match the question type without spending too much time typing out the data, or you could rebuild the question if your dummy data was not a good match.
I would recommend at least (but not limited to) 2 inputs:

An example of a question you may encounter is:
What is the result of applying the text to column tool to the input string?

I would also recommend having the Alteryx help page and google home page open and ready to go for when you need to search for something.

Make sure you find a quiet place away from distractions (you do not want to be disturbed while still taking the exam).

Once you have started the Exam

Know that some questions are worth 1 point, and others are worth 3. As such, you will want to spend more time on the 3 point questions. My general rule was to spend 1 minute per point, 1 minute for a 1 point question, and 3 minutes for a 3 point question. If a question is taking you too long to answer, you can skip it and return to it later if you still have time.

My final bit of advice is don’t second guess yourself while sitting the exam. If you think you know the answer, you probably do.

After the Exam

Once the exam is over, you will be given a summary of how you performed in each area of assessment. If you achieved 80% or more, then congratulations, you are now Alteryx Designer Core Certified.
However, if you scored less than 80%, you should look at the areas of assessment that you scored the lowest in, and focus on those over the next week to improve your results the next time you sit the exam. The exam is free and the timer resets after 7 days (it took me 2 attempts).

Good Luck!


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