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In The Data School, there is a question that you will have to answer a couple of times when you are working with Alteryx: “What is your favourite tool?”. And yes, you are right my friend, from the title, you already know my answer. Therefore today, Let’s talk about my favourite Alteryx tool – The Formula Tool

What is the Formula tool?

The Formula tool is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to perform calculations and transformations on your data. Using this tool, you can easily add fields and specify the calculations you want to perform. You can use a variety of functions, such as mathematical operations, string manipulation functions, and date functions as well to transform your data or create a new column.

How to use The Formula Tool?

  1. Drag the Formula Tool onto your workflow and connect it to your data source
  2. In the Configuration window, select the fields you want to include in your calculation by choosing the field from the left panel to the formula bo
  3. Use functions and operations to specify the calculations you want to perform on the fields

You can click Ctrl + Space to see variety of functions you can use in this case:

Let’s have an example: I will add 10 to an Integer Field, so I will enter a simple calculation to the configuration of this formula tool:

Here are the results:


That’s the basis of The Formula Tool – my favourite. Merry Christmas and Wish you a Happy New Year. Peace and Love!

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