If you have been using Alteryx for a while and have used the Join tool, I am quite confident that you have come across this scenario a few times.

When you join two data sets using specific fields that have identical field names, you will have duplicate values from the right-hand input and Alteryx will add a prefix “Right_” to the duplicate variables. In most cases, the best practice is to drop these duplicates fields.

It is quite simple when you only have one or two duplicate fields as you could simply deselect them. However, when dealing with larger and more complex data sets, and the number of joined fields increase, it is quite tedious to deselect each field one by one, and there is also chance that you may miss one of them. There is an option in Alteryx Join tool configuration to allow you to deselect multiple duplicate fields at once. 

You can deselect all the duplicated fields at once by clicking Options -> Deselect Duplicate Fields:

That’s it. This option will enable you to remove multiple duplicate fields from the right input all at once. I find it much more convenient and reduce chance of missing any of the duplicate fields, which will be confusing later on. I hope you will find this tip as helpful as I did. Thanks for reading.

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