What are the merits of Altryx as a data exploration tool? I don’t need to tell you what Altryx is if you are here. You probably used keywords such as data exploration or Altryx. I plan to explain why I like to use Altryx to explore data.

Now, Altryx is an expensive tool. So, getting it to only explore data is akin to buying a Ferrari and never driving it above 40km/h. Ferrari can undoubtedly go at 40km/h, but it was not built for that. But if you have Altryx already, it is a much more fun tool to explore the data than traditional tools.

“The ability to create different workflows from one input and test out various hypotheses honestly feels like a god-sent feature……”

So why Altryx? Altryx can do many things, but the user-friendly interface takes the cake for me. The ability to build a workflow with the drag-and-drop feature makes it very user-friendly. The ability to create different workflows from one input and test out various hypotheses honestly feels like a god-sent feature to someone like me who recently started his career as a consultant.

So, how can Altryx benefit us?

Data profiling and quality assurance

Data profiling and quality checking are like a breeze in Altryx. You can use tools such as Summarize or Formulas to generate quick insight into the data. The drag-and-drop feature of Altryx tools allows the user to get a general idea and gives a quick way to check or fix errors. For example, you can use the date parse tool to set the date format in the data or the Select tool to specify the data type. In short, you have many Altryx tools at your disposal to interact with data, fix the data, and check the quality of the data.


Imagine analyzing a financial report. Financial reports are explicitly built to adhere to rules and regulations. You can create a workflow to automate the process instead of running the same analysis manually every month or quarter. But you can also make a workflow to examine those reports and check for data quality or errors. This can reduce the man-hours required to do the data quality check.

Integration with other tools

Altryx is capable of connecting with various databases and APIs. This versatility gives Altryx the ability to integrate with existing processes easily. You can web scrape using regex to collect information. Altryx also allows you to run Python scripts if you need to run complex scripts. Python is a capable, easy-to-learn, and popular coding language. This is undoubtedly a powerful feature and a pro of Altryx.

Vibrant community

The Altryx community is very active. If you have any issue, you can ask about it in the community for a solution. There are also challenges to participate. It can help you practice and improve Altryx skills.

At the end of the day, all of these software are just tools to achieve an outcome. However, choosing the right tool and the individual’s skill will determine the ease of achieving a result. Altryx is a low-code tool. Therefore, you can run a fast analysis or check the data quality before diving deep into the data.

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