For dashboard week day-2, this time it is a sport one!

The challenge is to analyse the Major League Baseball teams on their ranking from the year 2000-2018. Sports, in general, is heavily data-driven, and Baseball is no exception.

For this dashboard, I have focussed on the year-on-year ranking of all the 30 teams.

Every year after the league teams are ranked and scored based on their performance and my dashboard will showcase that using the Bump chart. Bump charts are an effective way to show how dimension members are ranking across different measures over time. I am keeping the dashboard targeted on ranking to make my insights targeting and on point.

Step 1: Create a parameter for the teams we want to rank. In this case, I am using a team ID.

Step 2: Create a calculated field for the measure we want to rank, I used (W) i.e. winning points and using rank_unique so that the same rank isn’t assigned.

Step 3: In the next step, I created the calculated field to highlight a different colour on the chosen team.

Step 4: After putting year ID to columns shelf and Rank in win (calculated filed )on rows shelf, I then changed it to compute using  Team ID and Parameter colour (calculated field)

That’s it. My bump chart showing ranking in the final standings are ready.

Below is the tooltips, which can be seen hovering on each team.

Here is my complete viz. Feel free to check on tableau public by clicking here.


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