Our second client project required us to analyze the menu prices of some fast food companies.  We have got menu items and the prices by web scraping from companies’ websites and have created a dashboard in Tableau to present the pricing options for the consumers.

I’d like to share how we have created Basket analysis using sets.

The first step is to create two companies sets (because we are going to compare two companies on the dashboard). Create Company Name Set 1 and Company Name set 2

Second step is  to create two menu items sets

Third step is to create a calculations for the basket #1 and basket #2

To create a Menu for the Company we put Company set, Company name, and Menu Item on the rows and price on the text. Make two separate sheets  for both companies.

To create a baskets overview with all menu items we selected, bring measure names to rows and measure values to columns. We have also added the difference bar for fuller analysis.

Now bring all the sheets to the dashboard and set actions

Creating  this Dashboard  with sets has really extended the opportunity of what we can do with such limited data.

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