Okay it is the last day of dashboard week, let’s go straight in.


For Day 4 of the dashboard week, we were given the Big Bash League, Australia Cricket Data set.

We have shorter time span for today topic, we needed to present the dashboard at 3pm, so I only had about 6 hours to finish it.


This definitely makes it easier. I just need to import the 2 files into Tableau and create relationship for them using Match ID.


Keeping in mind the time constraint of this project and my unfamiliarity with the topic, after accessing the data, I decided to choose an angle that is easy to understand and explore.

I started to visualize the data about cricket matches, there were lots of charts that I built, and I saw quite different interesting points, but to make them into a dashboard, I had to select charts that flow and tell a story. My story at this point is for me as an absolute beginner with cricket, if I have to choose a team to follow, which team should I choose?

I presented those charts that help guiding me to an answer for my question. I looked at best winner so far, their rankings throughout the years. I also found their luck at winning the tossing interesting, so I put it on my dashboard at well. Their choice when winning the toss also reveal their strengths. Finally, I wanted to find out which venue are the team playing best at.

There I have a finished dashboard that assist me in having an overview look at Australian cricket teams, and now if I am involved in a cricket conversation, I know which team I should talk about, the Perth Scorchers and Sydney Sixers :D!


One feedback that I really like from my coach Natalia for this project is, for the last venue chart, I could also look at it from a different angle, at which venue the team perform worst?

The data shows most of the teams play best at their home grounds, which is commonly understandable, so it is quite interesting to see where they play worst.

Natalia’s feedback does not only help me with this project, but also shows me sometimes looking at the data from a total opposite way may reveal really interesting points.


Although it is quite intensive and exhausting at the end of the week, I really enjoyed dashboard week. It provided me an opportunity to put what I have learnt so far from the previous training, to complete the projects given. I have learnt many valuable lessons from this week. I think one of the emphases for dashboard week is to help us, Data Schoolers, to understand the importance of time-boxing and be specific with your plan to deliver a finished product. Focus on MVP is my advice.

Thanks for staying on board with me throughout dashboard week. 🙂




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