Dashboard week kicked off today, and today’s task was to web scrape any data of our choice and create a dashboard using that data. In today’s blog, I will be taking you through the steps I took to try and predict the 2023 Brownlow Medalist.

Step 1

Find the data. With the AFL finals on the horizon, so too is the Brownlow medal, which takes place on the Monday before the grand final. With the excitement in the air, I decided I wanted to build a dashboard to attempt to predict who was going to win the Brownlow this year.

Step 2

Scrape the data. Using the AFL Tables website, I inserted the URL into Alteryx. Using some regex, I gathered the 2023 AFL stats as well as the stats of the last 10 Brownlow Medal winners in the respective year they won it.

Step 3

Look at the data in Tableau. I briefly browsed the data in Tableau and determined which statistical categories I would use to determine this year’s Brownlow Medal winner.

Step 4

Put the dashboard into production. Now that all the charts had been created, it was time to assemble my dashboard. Narrowing the Brownlow down from the top 10 favorites to 3 potential winners. Who will take the cake in a couple of weeks’ time?

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