My 9th week at The Data School might be one of the most memorable weeks for me so far. First hands-on experience with PowerBI, my first Christmas Party in The Data School, and taking on the “skipper” role for our project week, all of which have created a rollercoaster of a week.

Leading our project week was a huge learning opportunity. It was such a pleasure having a really strong team at my fingertips. Nevertheless, with great power comes with great responsibility, and the week didn’t progress without some trouble. The week started strong, and I felt so chill, but then midweek came with extreme stress. But it was all worth it in the end, and I was so proud of what we delivered on Friday. Sounds like a commotion, eh? “Oh Key, what happened?”, you might ask. Well, stay tuned, cause I’ll break it all down to you, and roast myself in the process!


The requirements from the client were quite clear since they have a brief and detailed document of what they want. It also helped that the data from them are well-prepared, with files stored in structured folders. That should explain why my Monday and Tuesday felt so calm, as we knew exactly what we should do, what files we should use, and explore PowerBI’s UX.

But, things took a quick turn on Wednesday, when I made a horrible mistake. And it was such a simple one, too. Guess what it is? I didn’t check my emails! And the thing is, our client sent new data and replaced some of the files we already had. And my blunder of not checking my emails cost 3 hours worth of my team’s hard work. We had to start the process of joining and preparing the data we’ve done previously all over again. I felt like I let the team down, and needless to say, guilty was my primary emotion.

However, my team still happily continued with the job and at the end of the week, they delivered some beautiful dashboards to the client. And guess what, the client is coming back for another client project week because of the hard work the team had put in. Therefore, I am so grateful and proud of these amazing people that I work with.

What worked well

  1. Scrum board worked well with well-organized tasks.
  2. Team collaboration with support from all the members of the team.
  3. Delivered what we need and kept the scope in check
  4. We had so much fun together and “smiled” a lot! (most important thing)
  5. Dashboard layouts were consistent

Tips for a future project as a leader

  1. Trust your teammates, they will carry you for sure!
  2. Ask the client questions If you are not clear about anything.
  3. Last but not least, check your emails regularly!

And that’s DSAU17 Week 9 under Key’s POV. Hope you enjoy the blog, and I will see you soon my friends. Peace and Love!!!

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