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In my previous blog, I talked about the 4 W’s questions before starting to create a dashboard and promised to talk about what a good dashboard should NOT look like i.e. the common mistakes when creating a dashboard. Here are things you should avoid:

  1. Too much

The dashboard presents many charts and graphs which makes the readers overwhelmed and do not know where to start looking at and how to find the important piece of information.

  1. Too little

Only a map is shown with no title, legends or caption provided. The readers do not know what content they are looking at.

  1. Poor use of colour

Colours used for different categories are repeated. The colour palette also shows little-to-no difference between colours, making it hard for the readers to distinguish.

  1. Misleading chart


The bar chart on the left might have made you think the income in 2018 is more than doubled of the income in 2017, however, if you look closer to y-axis, it doesn’t start from 0. Hence, this is totally a misleading chart. The correct chart is shown on the right with y-axis starting from 0.

  1. Poor chart choice


The table presents the monthly sales for domestic and international in 2003, which is not easy to find insights. A better solution is to make a visualisation such as a line chart as below, which makes it easier to look for insights without having to compare every number i.e. which months had the highest or lowest sales, which sectors have better performance, etc.

Tip: have a look at these 2 tableau public visualisations, The Tableau Chart Builder and Visual Vocabulary, which shows a variety of different charts and when to use them to best visualise your data.

That ends my second blog. If you need help while creating your dashboards, I’m always happy to help (or I’ll find someone to help us because I’m also learning 😊 ). Have a good day and good luck with your application!

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