Challenge : Alteryx API and Tableau insights

Today’s challenge involves using Alteryx to utilise an API and download it as our dataset. The most challenging part is using the first API tool and joining it with another API tool. We create a URL and generate different URLs based on the relationship ID and person ID. Once we complete this step in Alteryx, we can obtain information about the visitor’s relationship and also the biographies written by visitors about the artists.

There are some points we can analyse:

Popular artists
By identifying which artists have the highest number of relationships with visitors, we can determine the most popular or influential artists within the museum’s collection. This can help curators and museum staff prioritise exhibitions, acquisitions, or educational programmes.

Visitor preferences
Analysing visitor relationships can shed light on the types of artists and artworks that resonate with the museum’s audience. This information can inform decisions regarding future exhibitions and collection development to align with visitor interests.

Visitor engagement
By examining the nature of visitor relationships (such as frequency of visits, types of interactions, or duration of engagement), we can gauge the level of visitor engagement with the museum and its collection. This can help in enhancing the visitor experience and designing targeted engagement strategies.

Visitor-generated content
The biographies written by visitors about artists provide valuable insights into how artworks are interpreted and understood. Analysing this content can help in understanding visitor perspectives and potentially uncover hidden narratives or connections within the museum’s collection.

Check the link to see the results on Tableau Public:

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