After surviving from First dashboard week challenge, the second challenge seems more complicated, we will work on the APRA super data. APRA stands for Australian Prudential Regulation Authority which helps to ensure that the fund is well-managed, and that members’ interests are protected. And Australian super is a type of retirement savings plan available to all Australian workers. It is an important part of the country’s social welfare system and is designed to help Australians build a nest egg to support them in retirement.


What is Australian Super?

Australian super is a type of retirement savings plan that is designed to help workers save for retirement. It is a mandatory savings plan, which means that employers are required to contribute a percentage of their employees’ salaries to the plan.

The current contribution rate is 10% of an employee’s salary, and this will increase to 12% by 2025. These contributions are paid into a superannuation fund, which is managed by a superannuation fund manager. The fund manager invests the contributions in a range of assets, such as shares, property, and bonds, with the aim of generating returns for the fund’s members.


Data collection

The data I have collected from Annua; fund-level superannuation statistics back series in APRA Superannuation, and I am use the table 13: Fund’s membership demographics by members benefit segment


Alteryx workflow 

I basically remove some unnecessary rows, change the punctuation into blank and add some new Formula into calculation.

Calculate the benefits per person in different income segment and gender.


Tableau dashboard 

The first dashboard shows the Comparision between my current super company (Australian Super) and my previous super company (AMP)

The second dashboard shows execpt Australian Super, any other super company could also take into consideration.

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