It is now dashboard week and is just like how I imagined it would be from what I heard from my colleagues and trainers. It is stressful and fun both ways because we only have a short amount of time, and the datasets are enormous, so there is more to explore. As we were instructed, the dashboard could either be insight-rich or one that could be used for something. On day one, they provided us with a dataset from Food Standards about food nutrients, retention factors and recipes on the first day. We could either use Altreyx or not, but I used it because the datasets were partially clean.

Alteryx Workflow:

Data prepping consumed most of my time but ended up not using some of the data. Like they say, most or some of the work you do will only be scrapped in the end. Nonetheless, I came up with a few interesting points:

1. Nutrients are degraded depending on how you prepare your food. Reheating your food will not degrade the nutrients

2. Boiling or heating up legumes and milk will degrade some but not all of their nutrients. It is only milk and legumes that has cooking times that’s why I’m only comparing these food types.

3. Some fibre-rich food has high carbs, and fatty and protein-rich food is high in energy.

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