Today we have entered Week 14 for our training – three more weeks to go! And this week is our dashboard week, which is a legendary week that we have been told from the very first week to be both challenging and rewarding. This blog marks the finish of my first dashboard, within a single day, and the topic is – webscraping and dashboard! For the topic, I have chosen the one that I am very interested in: Melbourne Secondary School Ranking – as a former teacher and a proactive Mum.

I got started by getting data from the website with Alteryx. Here I put together the Text Input and Download Tool to get the script I need, and used a regex tool to Tokenise it into seperate rows for one school per row. I’ve also cached till the download tool to avoid multiple calls from the website. In Alteryx Regex Tool, the “Split into Rows” is a very useful tool to keep searching for a pattern and put the results into different rows.

After that follows a series of Regex Tools to use different patterns to parse out the information I need, including Ranking, School Name, Postcode, Suburb, Scores, Enrolment, and School Type.

Then I completed the workflow with some final oraganising including dropping null values and unnecessary columns and changing column names.

After that I output the data and put them into tableau and started exploring. I designed an exploratory dashboard that includes a lot of interactivity to allow people breakdown by postcode, school types to explore ranking, English and Math scores, and enrolment. Below is a snapshot the a chart that highlights the schools within a certain postcode to see their ranking over years, where I have used sets, calculated field for colour and size, and parameters to use in the title. It allows people to explore the information they need as the same time keep the context at the background (where we can find that the rank of top 10 schools seems to be quite consistent while the rest fluctuates).

If you are interested in the viz, please follow the link to explore!

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