Navigating the Landscape of Mental Health Charities in Australia: A Comparative Analysis of Large and Small Organizations”

After having a several weeks of drilling, finally comes the Dashboard wee. Embarking on the challenge of Dashboard week, I found myself delving into a vast dataset, seeking meaningful insights within the realm of mental health charities in Australia.¬†Shane’s suggestions before starting the project

  1. choose the topic for the dashboard within an hour
  2. By an chance you should start working on your dashboard by 2pm.
  3. Lastly, keep the things time bounded so that dashboard is created timely what we call as time-boxing.

Guided by our coach Shane’s advice to swiftly choose a topic, I opted for mental health charities, a decision that proved instrumental in allowing me to dedicate ample time to visualization and storytelling.

Dataset Exploration: Given the apparent cleanliness of the dataset, I spared extensive time on wrangling and dove into creating visualizations. Amidst my exploration, I uncovered a crucial segmentation within the charities – they were categorized into three main groups: Large, Middle, and Small.

Analyzing the Charity Landscape: This revelation prompted me to focus my story on the funding dynamics and activities undertaken by these charities. The narrative sought to shed light on potential challenges faced by smaller organizations, ensuring they don’t get overshadowed by their larger counterparts

Conclusion: This exploration into the world of mental health charities not only enriched my Dashboard week experience but also allowed me to contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the sector. The comparison between large and small charities serves as a crucial foundation for fostering a more equitable and supportive environment for all organizations dedicated to mental health in Australia.

The link for the dashboard is given below


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