Hi there, we finally started the dashboard week, where all of us will be assigned different tasks every single day. For the first project, we were assigned to an API challenge to get data related to events happening worldwide. My approach to working on this data was to check all the events that will occur in Australia in 2023.

Alteryx Workflow

In Alteryx, I was able to get 18 pages of data and chose some of the specific fields that I want to use for building my dashboard. These include the information about the data, prices, date, city name, event location name, locations along with the latitude and longitude which will allow me to make some maps.

The dashboard

The Dashboard will be able to show you the events that are occurring in March 2023 in Australia across different States, and you will also be able to check by event genre as well.

You can click on State’s bar filtering the events upcoming in that State selected, which will reflect on the chart below showing the segment and genre for the respective State selected. On left side of the dashboard, we have the map containing some colored dots which represent the events. Hover over the mouse above the dots, you will be able to see the information about the event spotted on the map.

I’ve got stuck at the point where I couldn’t get more data from the previous years, to make a comparison and get more insights by crossing with the current year.


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