Hey everyone! This week is our dashboard which gives us the opportunity to create one dashboard every day. For the first day, we were given an API to get the data about events happening around the world. For dashboard, I chose to get the data about Pink’s concerts which mainly take place in some of the countries in Europe and the rest are in the US.

Alteryx Workflow

In Alteryx, I was able to get 4 pages of the data and chose some of the specific fields that I want to use for my building my dashboard. These include the information about the data, prices, locations along with the latitude and longitude which will allow me to make some maps.

I also managed to get the data about the prices of flights from Sydney to each of the city in Europe where the concert taking place, as well as the prices of the accommodation in these places. I didn’t get to obtain these data for the US.

The Dashboard

The main audience of my dashboard will be the fans who want to follow their idol i.e. Pink in this case, and the number of concerts that they can attend depends on their budget. The budget will include the prices of flights from Sydney to the first destination and from the last destination back to Sydney, plus the total price of the accommodation, and the ticket. Other expenses like food, local travel,…are not included.

The top left chart showing some overview on the average price of the ticket per country, and the total number of concerts in each country. The chart next to it shows the frequency of the show, which spreads from Monday to Saturday in most of the country. After that, we can start putting in the budget for the trip and the table on the left will show the total cost of the trip while the map on the right will show the flight route travelling from Sydney to the first destination, then from this destination to the next concerts until the last destination reached and from here we will fly back to Sydney.

I’ve got stuck at the point where I couldn’t calculate the total cost because they are not on the same granularity. But in the end, this dashboard will act as a tool to search based on the requirements on budget, date and region.

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