Today was the first day of Dashboard Week, and the dataset is Global Power Plants.
The dataset can be found here: Global Power Plant Database – Datasets – Data | World Resources Institute (

Data Preparation

I noticed the data has lots of Null values, and so deciding how to resolve this is the first challenge. I decided to focus my dashboard on 2017 only, but the null values in the data still proved to be an issue. In order to resolve this, I decided to use the averages of each Primary Fuel type, and then populate the null values by multiplying the averages through with the capacity. I repeat this process for the estimated generation values, as well as for the actual values.

My Alteryx workflow looks like this:


The maximum generating capacity of the power plant(s) assuming that it is running at full capacity non-stop.

Estimated Generation
Calculating the estimated generation requires a multitude of steps, like using the average capacity factor, the country and year, the fuel type. Renewables are largely impacted by the availability of natural resources like solar irradiation, wind speed, water run-off etc.
It is then run through a Machine Learning algorithm to as accurately as possible predict how much electricity is generated annually.

Actual Generation
“The actual generation for the power plant(s) for the year.”


I decided that I wanted to do some calculations for per capita numbers and so I downloaded the population data from: Population, total | Data (
I wanted to build a few donut charts to show capacity vs estimated vs actual numbers of clean vs dirty fuel types. Also, i wanted some BAN’s (later removed). Furthermore, a map so that the user can choose their own country for analysis. Next, a bullet chart to show how each fuel type’s actual generated electricity compared to its estimated value. Finally, a bar chart to show the generated annual average numbers by country.

I did a few calculations and built my dashboard.


China generates the most electricity across the world. However, their generation per capita is less than 1/3 of most countries in the top 10 for highest Annual generation per capita and less than 1/6 of Iceland. Interestingly, Australia has the highest coal fueled electricity generated per capita. While Icelend has the highest electricity generated per capita, they are actually on 100% clean energy.

Now see if you can find your own Global Power Plant story with the interactive dashboard by analyzing the dashboard here: Power Plants – Powering the World | Tableau Public

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I hope the post was enjoyable, and I will see you next time.

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