It has begun. The week that strikes fear into every data schooler hearts, Dashboard week. And its finally out turn.

So, the challenge for Day 1 is to use the Space X API to build a dashboard.

Data Prep

This particularly challenging as it was very difficult to get an understanding of what the column actually mean. All the terms were very nebulous and there is only so much time that is available to get an idea as to what it is.

This is is what the Alteryx workflow look like:

Three separate workflows as I got access to the launch site, payloads, and rockets. There was data in each of the endpoints that I wanted did a little bit of cleaning, and finally joined them all at the end. This step took far longer than I had anticipated. The most obvious way to get around this issue is dump things that I don’t need. However, I don’t even understand the columns well enough to know what I should leave and shouldn’t. Hence, I took in everything and tried my best to remove columns that I did not need.


I got to Tableau quite late, and I ideally don’t want to be taking work home and have set myself a deadline of 6PM. At this stage the story I’m trying to say is we need more entrepreneurship in the space industry. And the natural thought is that, “well if there is no Space X, someone else will fill that void”. In other areas like software that maybe true. However, the aerospace industry is a very capital intensive industry, and it is not something that you necessarily start up in your dad’s garage, as it is the convention for most of silicon valley CEO’s. The fact that Elon Musk, spent his cut of selling PayPal to buy rockets from Russia, and that more or less became the Falcon 1.

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish off what I wanted by 6PM and had to take work home. However, I got all the necessary calculations that I needed done before I left. And once I got home it was about putting in the final charts and making sure that things are working. Now all there is to do is present on Tuesday morning.

The first day of dashboard week truly lived up to its name.

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