In this blog we will be exploring charities in Australia. Most importantly, out of thousands we will try to choose one. Link to the Tableau Public dashboard. All charities support their own cause, and they primarily focus on activities related to those cause. I decided to put in the word cloud as a home page to identify most dominant activities in the industry.

Narrowing it down

As we can see, most charities are focused on religious activities. But I will choose Economic, Social and Community Development. The selection also acts as a dashboard filter. This will navigate to next dashboard where we can choose beneficiary group, offered donation and charity size. Let’s say I want to donate $10000 to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander but will be looking at small charity size.

Investigating charities by donation received, I found that there are 82 charities receiving $0 donations. I am more interested on these charities. After the basic information on name of charities receiving donations, I am now interest to check their performance level. Based on their performance, I can further narrow down the charity.

On clicking Performance, this further navigates us to another dashboard where bar chart shows income/expenses and net surplus/deficit.

Now if we look at bottom two charts, we can apply filter on Revenue and Staff types, I am more interested on charities who makes revenue of at least $20000 and staff types to total full time equivalent. So, I put that amount in filter.

After applying those filters, bar chart of charities by total revenue gives us that list and number of charities by count of staff types. I found that Weilwan Local Aboriginal Land Council has highest number of full-time equivalent staffs, with total revenue of $192,619. Now comparing this specific charity’s income and expenses, its deficit is $0.1 Million.

I will offer my donation to Weilwan Local Aboriginal Land Council.


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