Today is the second day of the dashboard week which means that we just have two more to go. After our last colleague finished presenting her dashboard we were given our second challenge. Compared to the previous one, I enjoy this one more as I did not have to spend too much time getting the data ready for analysis. After 2 hours of exploring the data, I went straight into building my dashboard. As the result, I had more time for formating.

The data

The data for today’s challenge is from Kaggle which are about youtube trending video. After receiving the link from our coach, I went to this link and got the data easily.

The data came in a folder of excel and Json files which contained the list of recently trending videos from 11 countries. In order to get the data ready for Tableau, I used Alteryx to put all of the sheets together by using special characters from the input tool. Next, I joined this data with the category names from the text input tool in order to decode the category ID column. Then I used The RegEx tool and Date Time parsing tool to turn the published Date and Trending Date into the right format

The Dashboard

For this challenge, I decided to build a dashboard that looks like a youtube interface. Inside my dashboard, I included 4 charts that help to identify which category has the most views and which channel and videos from that category have the most views and trending days. I also build formulas to calculate how long did it take for a video to go trending after its published date as well as using parameters as a threshold to identify channels that uploaded videos frequently. To sum up, by using this dashboard you will have the idea of what to create for your own youtube channel. Hope you enjoy the findings.


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