Today was the second day of Dashboard Week, and the dataset is CPI and wages.
The datasets can be found here:
wages by state

Data Preparation

The data was not organized in the right way, so a lot of transforming was required. Separating the wages from % of change was required, as was transforming the index type.

My Alteryx workflow looked like this:


I found extra data on the ABS website so that I could add a hierarchy to my dashboard and allow a drilldown functionality. My focus today was on using the 5 Why’s.

Here is my dashboard.


Childcare was the Primary driver of the biggest CPI % decrease in over 2 decades in Q2 2020, and it was also the biggest CPI % gainer in over 2 decades in Q3 2020. This was due to the government making childcare free for Australians while we were in Covid lockdown in Q2 2020, and consequently removing the subsidy in Q3 2020.

You can view my tableau dashboard here:
CPI and the 5 WHY’s | Tableau Public

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I hope you have enjoyed the post, and I will see you next time.

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